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Who we are

Are you looking for a safe, nurturing, engaging atmosphere to enhance your child’s improvement? Switch Brain School is devoted to providing a strong, helpful, enlightened and happy place to study. We raise respectful  and responsible children in days filled with discovering academic development and fun.

We create enabling atmospheres for our pupils to discover themselves and also connect their full aptitudes in order to be beneficial to themselves and the society at large.

switch brain schools - best creche in isheri

Our Advantage

The school is situated in an easy to access and conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning.
Dynamic Learning Atmosphere
Switch Brain Schools provide a comfortable, safe, and current learning atmosphere for pupils. Extremely skilled teachers together help us deliver value for the future generations.
Satisfactory Play Area
Play is the right of every child and we create play atmospheres and activities that allow children of all abilities to play alongside one another. From play systems to detached play activities like swings and whirls, we design accessible products that foster friendships and encourage cooperative play.
Sociable Atmosphere
The school atmosphere is peaceful and child friendly. Gender equity is of help and differences of class, caste and religion are accepted. Switch Brain School offers opportunities for children's involvement in comprehensive classroom activity.

Admissions Process

Admission Form
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Admission Schedule
Child is scheduled for a placement assessment Parents and child are scheduled for an interview
Admission Letter
Congratulation your Child’s admission letter is issued

Class Grouping

Our pupils are placed on the basis of age and must have attained the ages stated below by the first day of September in the year of registration
Reception 1
Reception 2
Nursery 1
Nursery 2
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4

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