Every child needs a warm and stimulating environment to Blossom. Therefore we have made it our top priority to provide the fun activities needed to build your child physically, socially and creatively. We believe learning should be fun for these early learners, hence, we make it our personal responsibility to keep that precious glow on their faces.

Health Bay

At the Switch Brain schools, we understand that the over-all performance of each child is linked to their health status per time, hence we work hand in hand with a Children Specialist hospital and have set up within our premises a Health Bay with trained medical personnel to attend to the immediate emergencies that may arise.

School Bus

Our Air-conditioned, Well Serviced Buses Will Be Available To Pick -up And Drop Off Your Child(ren) At Home. Our Bus Drivers Are Specially Trained To Navigate All Routes With Great Care. And Because The Welfare Of Your Child(ren) Is Highly Important To Us, We Have Our Bus Attendants Ready To Attend To The Needs Of Your Child While On The Bus